Add to DNC via Inbound

Hi BP,

We need your suggestion on how we can DNC a phone number.


A person calls to our IB number and after taking the IB call the agent will select an inbound disposition.
That disposition should enter that phone number on the DNC list which then blocks it to dialed on the OB lead list.

Question: how can we perform this task?

Are you truly wanting to use an DNC, which would prevent the number from being called, or do you want to use an exclusion list that you can clear out periodically (i.e. so the number is not permanently DNC’d for that campaign)

Please review both in our admin guide documentation found here

Once decided, you can use a workflow to add the number to a list

  1. Open Admin
  2. Enable a user with permissions to manage lists, and then generate an API key
  3. Navigate to workflows
  4. Create new
  5. Obtain an API Token as outlined here
  6. Add the caller’s number to the list - you’ll find all methods (
  7. Add all services, and dispositions you wish to trigger the workflow on - you can read more about workflows in our documentation found here