A separate threshold for short abandoned calls

We would like the option to set a Short Abandon Threshold. This would be set where you set service level.

Right now, short abandons are set base on the SL. This seems too long. If you have a SL of 80/20, that would mean that someone who waited 19 seconds (which is long) then dropped is not counted in Monthly SLAs (if you excluded short abandons)

We are looking to exclude short abandons but only for those that we, realistically, could have hit SLA. (We are thinking 5 seconds).

It would we nice thought to have this as a custom metric to rule out wrong numbers etc (maybe defaulted to 5 seconds).

@amybritton , we also had the same issue when trying to map our clients SLA when migrating from other platforms e.g. Aspect

Best approach till now for us was to develop custom report for the client against detail table, using queue and call disposition calculated the the short abandoned calls based on duration setup on old platform, would be nice if ‘Short Abandoned Duration’ could be included as a configuration item when setting us a service…maybe log as feature request