Sip header message "User-To-User" send

When calling outbound, without using a scenario
I want to set user-to-user sip message on outbound.
Is there any way?

Is this the Agent dialing outbound, or are you running a campaign?

When an agent is calling outbound.

What you could do is create an internal dial in entry, service, and scenario. The agent calls the scenario which asks the agent what number the scenario will dial out to using a connect call object. Within the scenario you would set the sip headers using $(item.sip.send.headers.XXX) as documented here 5.8:Scenario-builder-reference-guide/Reference/VariablesandExpressions/Variables - Bright Pattern Documentation

When making a call using the Connect Call block, the scenario can add SIP headers to the outgoing SIP INVITE in the format item.sip.send.headers.XXX=ZZZ , where XXX is a header name (e.g., “P-Customer-Type”). Note that the XXX must begin with either the letter P or the letter X. Note : It is possible to receive a wide variety of SIP headers; however, they must be defined for your contact center’s trunk. For more information, contact your service provider.

Note : The following headers cannot be set on some versions of Bright Pattern Contact Center:

  • P-Preferred-Identity
  • P-Asserted-Identity
  • P-Called-Party-ID
  • P-Associated-URI
  • P-Media-Authorization
  • P-Ipcm-Extensions
  • P-Mref-To
  • P-Conf-Policy
  • P-Conf-Party

Just a thought. Hope this info helps.