Question about Average Speed of Answer


I was reading the documentation (5.3:Reporting-reference-guide/AllMetrics - Bright Pattern Documentation) , but am still a bit confused. By queue time, does this mean ASA also includes the time the caller spent in the IVR? Or is ASA calculated based on when it is queued for agent, and doesn’t include the time spend listening to the recorded message / ivr prompts?

Additionally, if a call is transferred from on service to another, is the speed of answer a total of the two services? For example, they waited 30 seconds for the first service, then 20 seconds for the second service, would the speed of answer be counted as 50 seconds?

No, as ASA is calculated based on service, it would be an ASA of 30 seconds for the first service, and 20 seconds for the second service respectively. However, per our docs:

When displayed as a total for several services, this metric shows the average across all services in the set