Pausing the IVR Segment recording

Is it possible to pause and re-start the IVR segment recording based on caller’s DTMF entry?

You can actually do this with a variable in the scenario -


*(doNotRecord)* can be set to **1** or **true** (case insensitive) prior to [Connect Call]( block to disable voice recording. This overrides all recording settings in configuration. Recording can still be enabled manually via Agent Desktop or via desktop API methods. See also [(banVoiceRecording)](5.3:Scenario-builder-reference-guide/VariablesandExpressions/Variables - Bright Pattern Documentation).

I’m attaching a scenario sample for you - as a reminder, this would require that the Record IVR Segment is checked on the Service, and the Service is set prior to trying to use this

Should you need assistance with this, please let me know.

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