Configure Conversational IVR


I ask for your support to be able to review together the configuration of the conversational IVR, since the configurations indicated in the documentation were made (IBM: Speech to text, Text to spech, watson assistant and the scenario template) but it does not recognize voice.

The attached scenario is our example (template) scenario for a chatbot and conversational scenario:

The Ask a Bot block will work with the conversation dialog flow that you’ve setup in your Watson account. If you’re not hearing any response, please check here first to be sure that the conversation is built properly. Next, there are many Internal Message blocks throughout the scenario. These are still set to the default account. Please update these to an account that you use to log into Agent Desktop so that you may receive the debugging output. Further Internal Message blocks are recommended to help you debug and understand the scenario and how this works with Watson’s conversation service. For example: I recommend setting a variable for “Raw response” and outputting this so that you know the exact raw response coming from the bot.

The second part of debugging this scenario is to check the interaction record steps after the interaction is complete and available in Interaction Record Search. Please note the exit branch taken with each part of the scenario. For example, if the exit of Ask a Bot is Failed or No Data, please investigate as to why the bot is failing or not seeing any data passed to it. This information can be obtained in the above referenced “internal message” blocks.