Load Error on Reporting

Good morning. Using our specific report we are receiving a “load error” when it exports over to excel. My date range was 6/1-8/27. It’s giving me data through 6/25. I also tried a shorter date range of just the month of July and it gave me about 24 days worth of data with the load error. We had multiple staff try and got this same error. I did similar reporting on Tuesday and had no issue with the reports exporting. Can this please be looked in to right away? Please find the attached error.ERROR

Hi Arya,
we think the issue here is in .csv file size. Archieved size of the file you are getting should be pretty huge, if you try to unzip it it would be even larger for that period of 6/1-8/27. So the issue you are getting is probably coming from Excel itself. To be honest I can not remember any program which would allow you to open such files. Would you please try to narrow down a bit exported data? Like for 2 or 3 weeks. It’s okay if you do several exports. I think that should help you to avoid Excel’s limitations.

The issue here is not in a timeframe (2 or 3 months or whatever it is), but in rows and columns.

Call Detail report you are opening hits exactly this limitation:
So I’m just assuming if previously you were opening a report with smaller amount of rows despite the fact that it was 2 months long.

Thank you Dmitry.
That was exactly the issue.