Is there a way for agents to see other agent states, without giving them the state of "Supervising"?

We’ve noticed that if we give agents the ability to see other states in the Agent desktop, this uses a Supervisor license, and also gives the agents the state of Supervising which makes them ineligible to take a call. Is there a way to show them other agent states without giving them Supervisor rights?


I enabled the feature for you “Allow display of real-time reporting data in Agent Desktop directory”. You can read about it here .
Now agents can see the statuses of their colleagues(image1).


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Hello @greg.luttbrightpatte I am looking to achieve the same however, I can not access the link referenced. Is this setting within roles?

Hello, this is not a role driven attribute, but rather a system management ‘Feature’ setting

Thank you Greg. How can I go about enabling this feature?

Upon review, this is enabled in your environment, however, this functionality is only present in the full agent desktop view

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