Is there a unique identifier available in the desktop?

We have a need to have a unique identifier displayed within the UIfor the agent that can be tied back to reporting.

We have been looking at the Call_detail (csv) report and column a is called “id”. Would this be the unique identifier for that interaction/call? If so is it possible to have this displayed within the UI?

We have also been looking at cases, but they do not seem to be auto generated on calls. Is this possible through configuration?

The agent username will be the unique identifier for the agents which in call detail is the “connected to” column for the interaction on inbound calls. The interaction ID is called global ID.
Each column definition can be found here for the report and here for the .csv. This is not saved by default in a consumable way in the agent desktop. However, regarding how it relates to cases, you can have cases auto-generated through the admin configuration by setting this in an inbound scenario, the docs for the configuration is here. A case ID could be used to uniquely track calls through the agent desktop. Note that this will require a contact ass well for every number that calls in so you’ll want to turn on automatic creation as well either by configuring it in the scenario or in your identification settings in the admin portal under call center configuration.