Internet/VPN - Performance Inquiry


To no surprise, the majority of our employee base is working remotely. Several of the employees experience intermittent ‘network connectivity’ issues that prevent them from being able to place/receive calls. We believe that we’ve narrowed the issue down to a subset of users, who experience the issue only when they’re connected to our VPN and when their Mbps is under 30. We are still working to collect more data to confirm, but that’s what we’ve observed thus far. Two questions for you all:

  1. Internet Speed

a. What is the minimum Mbps required to place/receive calls with Bright Pattern?

  1. VPN Connection

a. Does the presence of a VPN connection impact the user experience with Bright Pattern? There is certainly an Mbps threshold where VPN connection does not matter, however (i.e. above 40).

i. For instance: We’ve seen some instances where Bright Pattern works fine for users who have 25 Mbps and no VPN connected, but does not work for others who have 30 Mbps and VPN connected.

Systen Requirements can be found here:

A few specific callouts -

VoIP is of course sensitive to poor networks, so we do look for latency under 240ms, and Jitter < 20 ms - Standard WFH connections (high speed, not satellite internet) are typically sufficient

With VPNs specifically, we do request a direct route to BP servers - VPN adds overhead of both routing, and size, which can significantly impact/appear to degrade the connection, just due to how this is being routed.

A better explanation from the docs is below for you:

VPN connections add complexity to the network including latency and routing complications. A VPN connection will need to have a direct route to Bright Pattern servers through the connecting network. We are unable to guarantee a working route through a VPN connection and therefor recommend connections to the tenant be made over a public connection.