How To SQL Chat Transcripts

We have a 3rd party report builder that is using MySQL connector to the brightpattern database. Anyone know where these are stored?

You’ll want to set up an export and have them export to an SFTP or AWS integration. They are not stored in the Database. Otherwise, just look up the interaction and download it that way.

are these not stored in the chat_transcripts, chat_transcripts_messages and chat_transcripts_messages_keywords tables in mongoDB/servicepattern?

@Maverick_Hunters , Do you have a service provider or are you a service provider?, as service provider if you want to mine it you have option of setting up a mongoDB connector and creating a export/report from there.

MongoDB and Config DB, on our stack we always keep reads to minimum and ran afterhours as a service DB, you don’t want to do big reads on this DB during business hours

@Maverick_Hunters :wave:

We are a BP partner in Australia and are developing lot of integrations as well as have created Microsoft BI based reporting templates. Do contact me and I might be able to help.