How do we implement a redirect for a phone number

We have a contact phone number we’re currently not using we don’t want to remove the phone line in case we need to repurpose it later. What we would like to do is include a message for anyone contacting that phone line that redirects them to another support line. Is this possible?

If you want to redirect them automatically, you may use a Connect Call block to automatically transfer them.

If you’d prefer to just play a message, and disconnect, then that’s fine as well.

To do this:

  1. Open admin
  2. Navigate to Scenarios>>Voice
  3. Insert a Play Prompt - define this to introduce, announce, provide information as needed - you may of course use either text to speech, or uploaded .wav file
  4. IF you’d like transfer them automatically to the alternate number, insert a Connect Call block, defining the 11 digit number to transfer to (no punctuation) in the Override Destination box in the Connect Call block
  5. Insert an Exit block

**You may skip Step 4 if you do not want to perform the transfer automatically.