Disable transfer option for agent


Is there any option to disable transfer option for agents?

So when it is disabled, agent can not transfer call to anywhere once call is received.

Thank you.

Hello Bella,

Yes, that has been thought through by the team and there is a privilege in the roles named as : Transfer calls and you can check/uncheck that to allow/disable respectively.

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Hi Jugal,

Thank you for the guide. We unchecked and tested but transfer was still allowed :cry:

Option used:

Ok, could you elaborate on your transfer scenario then? Is it Blind Transfer? Consult and merge? Consult/Transfer? Dialout of the conference?

I know one of them is not controlled through this setting (may be the blind one) but have not tested from quite some time; happy to give it a go if you share details.


Hello, we do not allow them to see the directories, this is configured in teams. Another option is not to have internal extensions associated with services or scenarios.

Hi all,

Thank you for the tip.

We just want that button to be disabled… That’s not doable?

Thank you.

If you are referring to an agent transferring the call outside of Bright Pattern, the privilege you are looking for is a combination of “Make external calls” and “Transfer calls” for internal. Just know this will also remove the agents ability to make calls when not on an existing interaction. They will be unable to dialout. Make sure you are logging your test user out of the Agent Desktop and back in each time you change a role to ensure the change is applied.

Make external calls

A user with the Make external calls privilege may make external calls and blind transfers to external destinations from the Agent Desktop application. If the user does not have this privilege, an attempt to make an external call or blind transfer will result in a text error message displayed on Agent Desktop.

Note that the absence of this privilege does not prevent users from making external calls using the dial pad of their hardphones.

Transfer calls

The Transfer calls privilege allows the user to transfer customer interactions to consultation parties and host conferences (both via-consultation and single-step).

Absence of this privilege does not affect user’s ability to

  • make blind transfers of customer interactions
  • transfer or conference internal calls


Another option could be to open a support ticket and ask if this can be disabled at the service provider layer.

You could also tackle this by creating dial-out entries that disallow any dialed numbers internal or external to connect.

If you are just wanting to hide the button completely, I am pretty sure you can do this with a custome CSS stylesheet. Once you have completed all your custom CSS stylesheet edits you can provide it to Bright Pattern Support to apply to your tenant. The normal purpose of the custom stylesheet is to enable customer to create colors and themes that match their brand. This is a bit of a hacky approach to solve the problem, but just proves that technically anything is possible. It’s all a matter of how you’re willing to get there. :smile:

Great! is there more information on custom CSS stylesheet?

Unfortunately, the only information that I have received or can locate is within this community here:


I would recommend contacting Bright Pattern Support to open a ticket for more detail.

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