Dropped calls with BP

Hello, Team
Today a few of our Users had calls dropped with their agents
and I wanted to verify if it was an error with brightpattern or the external
caller ended the call/had an error. When the calls would drop there was no error message and it
would give the “select disposition” button, this leads me to believe it is not
a bright pattern issue. Where can I see the reason?

Hi, Claudia
You can Identify how a call ended by looking at the connect block in the scenario steps. For inbound, target disconnected means disconnected on the agent side and exception means that it disconnected on the customer’s

That’s exactly what i needed. This first call ended on the side of the caller the latter ended on the side of the agent (however, this was a ten-minute call without a dropped disposition so it may be the wrong interaction record). Thank you a lot and have a good day!