Customizable UI Color Schemes in Agent Desktop

One question I get from clients is if the color scheme on the Agent Desktop can be changed. I think the blue on the frame/border clashes with some of the business colors on screen pops and such. Would it be possible to add a future enhancement that allows the color code for the icons and frame to be configured in the admin, then this is what is pushed to the Agent Desktop for the agents? I know that browser caching could become a nightmare, but it is a nice touch to allow the Agent Desktop to match the rest of the content.


You can provide us with your custom CSS stylesheet and we will upload it to your account.
You can override any existing stylesheet entries with it - while not everything is possible to update that way, you can change quite a bit.

A combination of Chrome F12 Development console and something like User CSS extension are good for coming up with the custom stylesheet content.


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