Chat Bot - using watson assistant - menu options

I have a Chat Bot setup using Watson assistant. Using the IBM Cloud platform, I’m able to setup responses with menu options. The menu options are click-able links, so the user does not have to type them. How do I get the menu options to come through the Ask a Bot block in BP? I only see the “Are you looking for customer service or sales?” come through the response[0].msg variable.

For example:
Are you looking for Customer Service or Sales?

Customer Service (clickable link, adds to the chat)
Sales (clickable link, adds to the chat)

We have a modified version of our web chat client that offers these buttons or choice lists. Please contact CSM to request it.

Thanks, I received the modified code from CS. What is the variable that stores these choice options?
The respond and raw_response are not coming back with the choices I have setup in Watson.

{“0”:{“msg”:“I have received your test.”,“type”:“message”}}

{“context”:{“conversation_id”:“1d0ac8a4-c2af-4646-84f7-517547bc339e”,“name”:“test test”,“system”:{"_node_output_map":{“node_9_1623266613580”:{“0”:[“0”]}},“branch_exited”:“1”,“branch_exited_reason”:“completed”,“dialog_request_counter”:“2”,“dialog_stack”:[{“dialog_node”:“root”}],“dialog_turn_counter”:“2”,“initialized”:“1”}},“entities”:,“input”:{“text”:“testing”},“intents”:[{“confidence”:“1”,“intent”:“testing”}],“output”:{“log_messages”:,“nodes_visited”:[“node_9_1623266613580”],“text”:[“I have received your test.”]}}

The buttons work like that - you send a message:

/buttons [button one] [button two] [button three]

or, for choice:

Please describe which of the following symptoms are occuring. /choice [Computer wont power up] [Computer screen flickers]

You can return this format from Watson directly or try and stitch the options in the scenario

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