Call Detail vs Campaign Results

How do we run a report for Campaign results like we have for Call Detail?

This is done by selecting the Campaign “Service Name” from under the “Services and Campaigns” configuration within the tenant admin. From there, select the “Results” tab. You can then configure a scheduled export of the campaign results to run on a regular basis, or you can manually run a one time export of the current campaign results.

An alternative option, if you are wanting emailed reports, would be to clone and edit the call detail report to contain the fields you are after, and edit the query to contain only data for your Outbound Campaign Service Name. Reports can be customized using Tibco Jasper Studio for any .jrxml reports, or by using a standard text editor for any .bpxml reports. The .bpxml reports are recommended when exporting large amounts of data via CSV. The .bpxml are quite easy to build with no additional software required. The .jrxml (jasper Reports) take a bit of learning to understand how the tool works.

Link to custom reporting guide HERE