Voice recognition in base-64 encoded

Hello!! I have a customer that needs voice recognition. Does anyone know if there is an API or SDK in the Contact Center Software or if there is a way to do Voice Recognition in base 64 encoded format?


If your case is conversational IVR, we would recommend configure integration for Google Speech To Text and use Play-Listen block. This works well with a bot, e.g. Watson.

let me know if your customer’s use case is different.


Thanks a los Sergey! In this case… we need to identify the caller by voice, saying a particular phrase.


In that case, I would recommend using VoiceIT, you would just need a base64-to-file-upload converter function, e.g. in PHP or AWS Lambda. Barebone PHP examples are here https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpc2iwsrosop8r1/voiceit.zip?dl=0

Great!! I will try with that options and let you know the results.

Salvador Mendoza

It’s already working! It takes a while to recognize the voice, I don’t know why but we have already achieved the integration. We are going to do the demo with the client to see how it goes us.

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