Unable to display recent emails in case search if results are more than 98 entries

When an email case search is invoked in the Agent Desktop Interface, it was noticed that the search results appears to be displaying the earliest instead of the most recent interactions. If the case search result exceeds 98 records, the most recent transactions are not able to be displayed even after toggling the “Created” function. The displayed results appears limited to 98 entries only.

When case search for the term “Sandra” (user’s name is Sandra White) is invoked, only the results from 8/1/2020 to 9/27/2020 are displayed. Interaction Record search shows that there are more than 2000 records handled by user Sandra White until October 1 with several email interactions handled after 9/27/2020.

Team users and Supervisors are not able to locate recent email cases assigned or handled by other users if the results are more than 98 records for the search string used.

it is working as designed. There is a limit of 100 results and those results are based on the relevancy of your search criteria. If you do a search that is more specific (for example an exact email address), it will bring you to the most relevant, current results up to 100.