Screen Recording Percentage?

Hi All,

We see the following in the documentation, “Specifying the percentage value allows the system to record a percentage of the total logged-in agents. For example, entering a value of 30 will cause the system to record 30% of sessions from all agents who are logged-in to Agent Desktop.”

How is this computed?

If 100 agents are logged in, it will record 30 of them. (Picked at random, we assume? Or the first 30 to get calls?) If 50 then log out, it will drop to recording only 15 of them-- either stopping on some of the existing 30, or finding new ones to bring the count up to 15

Theron, at the beginning of each login session we “throw a dice” to find out whether to record a session or not, e.g. if random * 100% <= 30% then record.