Scenario Functions on Screenpop

Is there a way to use functions on screenpop, we currently running a preview campaign and we have two fields amount1 and amount2 and would like to display the sum of the two amounts on the screenpop. Another thing we would like to do is split the data on a column e.g. 1234-567890 we would like to display the values on separate text fields 1234 for field1 and 567890 on the next field

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If I were you, I would segregate data from a single string. Try to use a regex based solution. I’m too lazy to write it out for you, but they got some good documentation.

You’ll basically want to use the dash that you have as a delimiter and set two variables, one before the dash, and one after. What are the fields “amount1” and “amount2” you are referring too? I suppose if you already got them in the ivr you could always do a text screenpop instead of trying to pop a weblink or something.

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When the data comes from a list, in preview, there is no way to run scenario :frowning:

That said, usually when you put = in front of an expression in an input field, immediately as a first character, it will be interpreted as an expression.

E.g. in an activity form try placing =1+1 in a value field - it might work.

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I did try this, it did not work

Hi tshebe -

Neil.Austin is correct, we are not able to run a scenario in a preview campaign. We can populate data from a list via Workitem for the screenpop, but expressions are not supported.

However, I do like this idea. Would you mind heading over to our support portal and submitting a PER to our support staff along with a business use case? We would love to take a look at that one.

Thank you,