Our 800 number is spam?

Why is our 800 number showing up as spam and how do we get it to not show as spam?

New Stir/Shaken laws have increased robocall mitigation and is becoming increasingly obstructionist for businesses making legitimate calls, as the reporting is done by end-users and the rules are not consistent across carriers.

There are some things you can do to attempt to alleviate these “false positives” and we would suggest implementing the first two at a minimum.

  1. Register a CNAM for your DID if you have not already. CNAM associates a name with your phone number to better identify you to destination numbers. It must be 15 characters or less (including spaces), and takes about 2 weeks to promulgate through the PSTN once registered. Not all carriers honor CNAM, however.
  2. Register your Outbound DID’s with the major carriers - a good starting point is here: Why Organizations Should Register Phone Numbers with Carriers - unfortunately, this is the part we cannot assist with. It needs to be done by an authoritative resource at the business(es) using the number(s).
  3. Change your dial-out number to a TFN (Toll-Free Number). This will alleviate being flagged as spam / robocall by some carriers, as robocall / spammers don’t typically use TFN caller-ids as they would have to pay for return traffic.

Be aware that all of none of these options may not affect your number(s) being marked as spam likely. This is done at the destination carrier level based on the processes outlined in 2. above.

In this case, the database used by the destination carrier has received enough end-user complaints that they have marked your TFN as Spam Likely. Being removed from this list will have to be pursued with the individual carriers, and as mentioned above, we are precluded from assisting you with this as we are not the authoritative resource at your business.