About Play-Prompt Block Error

Hi :slight_smile:

when i edit the scenario,
First upload the wav file in ‘play-prompt’ Block.
And, if edit the text in the content and apply it, a red error message appears.

However, if I do the reverse, the error does not appear.

After uploading the wav, I see that an error occurs when I edit the content last and apply
Is there any reason for this to happen??

I use the ‘text of content’ as the description of the wav file.

Anyway I think it’s part of the TTS related configuration error.
Or maybe it’s kind of BP’s policy…

plz answer about my question.

Best Regard.

The same thing happens to me. I believe the goal here is to make sure that the text matches the prompt. It is easy to go in and update a prompt and forget to update the text to match the verbiage. Honestly, It keeps me from being lazy. You can just click on the text box too after you upload the prompt and I think it just goes away.

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Hi :slight_smile:

First, thx for ur reply.

If you input text into the content first and upload the wav, no error occurs. So I think your opinion is not the answer.

Hi fletcherR -

Yes, that is correct. If you do not update the prompt description before uploading a wave file, you will receive this error. This is to remind our IVR builders to make sure the text within the prompt is updated as well. If you receive this and you already know it is correct, then you can just simply ignore it. I’ve including some additional documentation that might help you out when making these updates.



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