How do you edit the "Start co-browsing" screen message?

While testing SURFLY co-browse, I observed that the pop-up the customer uses to accept a session doesn’t match the example in the documentation.
Procedure, Step #2.

The image here shows that the "Accept-cancel box includes a lengthy description of what will happen when the customer hits the “accept” button. It starts with "By clicking accept, an agent will join you…

In our test sessions so far, we don’t see that lengthy explanation. Instead, we see the popup shown in the attached file


I looked all through the config options in the Surfly Settings panel-- I didn’t see anywhere to edit the text in the Customer facing “accept” box.

How can I change this?

The text is called “Co-browsing dialog text” and can be edited in in Chat Widget Configuration. To get there, go to Scenario Entries > Messaging/Chat > Chat Widget tab > Chat Styling > Co-browsing dialog text.

This is the default text. If you don’t edit “Co-browsing dialog text,” the customer-facing dialog will show this:
“By clicking Accept, an agent will join you on the page you are currently viewing. The agent can view and help you as you browse the web in this tab. The agent will not see login details, passwords, other browser tabs or programs you have opened. You can stop co-browsing at any time, by clicking X in the menu or by closing this tab in your browser.”