DST Question in Australia for hoops check

Does the Australia time zone (Ex. Australia/Sydney, Australia/Brisbane etc.) in the tenant also adjust automatically during DST? If it does, would you be able to tell us where the system gets the calendar it’s basing it from? It’s a request from the client as they want to know where we are basing our calendar adjustments(if it’s automatic) since they say it varies every year or per state in Australia.

The system is designed to accommodate daylight savings times based on region and it’s rules. So the answer for your question is yes, the system will do it automatically. Anyway if you notice some timezone discrepancies please do let us know. The system gets calendar from /etc/servicepattern/icudt511.dat. This is IBM ICU library, it’s data file. I would suggest to keep this file up to date on your on-premise cluster. Pease let me know if I can help you with anything else.