Dialer - 2 Campaign per Team only?

Hello, Team

We are encountering issue where 3 Campaigns are associated with one Team.
Looks like the campaign is stopping if one member of the team is not skilled on all campaigns.

Is this a requirement?
Basically, we created Campaign1 and associated Campaign 2, 3 and 4 Campaigns
but 1 agent should only be skilled for Campaign 2
1 agent should only be skilled for Campaign 3
2 agents should be skilled for Campaign 4

The campaign only works if I separate each Campaign to each owns team

Aryaalmond, yes, campaigns are team based, rather than skills based.

The campaign diagnostic page will show a “splat” if agents on the team assigned have been de-skilled, and the campaign performance will be poor.

The diagnostics page should be clear of all warnings prior to running