Connecting to Historical Database

I need assistance setting up SQL Server and the developer is asking for the information below. Thanks,

JDBC Driver: org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver (Note: copy and paste this driver name into the field, or use the pull-down menu to select this driver.)

JDBC Url: jdbc:mariadb://:3306/< your reporting database name>

Username: Username for access to your Reporting Database

Password: Password for access to your Reporting Database


You can find the user/db settings in Admin.

Admin - > Reporting - > Reporting settings

This will Show your DB, username. You can not see the current password, however resetting it would only impact any external systems access you already have setup. Which sounds like none.

You will need to send in a ticket to get the IP you will be accessing the DB from whitelisted, as well confirm the DB server name.

Good luck.

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