Integration with third programm

Hi everyone, i cant understand how i can make a widget which can a make call. For example, i have web site, I have a button, and clicking on which a call occurred through a bright pattern, i try javascript integration (bpspat.api.dialNumber("87273334455");) , but this dont work, all returns are undefined. What am I doing wrong?
P.S.: Agent desktop chrome extension is running and i add <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> in head

with best regards Sergey


Are you calling this function from JS loaded with a screen pop? It won’t work from a separate tab or iframe (BP correct me if I am wrong).

I heard there is a way to effect dial from another via something related to branding (BP?).


Thank you Neil for you answer,
i have another question, how i can sign up in to see API specification for dotNet integration?

Apologies, the doc was offline - should be up now.