How do we integrate with Jira?

We want to start screenpopping and when necessary, interact with Jira objects. Where is the option for Jira integrations?

No Native integration as of yet that I know of. They helped us setting up API calls, but you’ll need to know Jira’s API call structure and syntax. Luckly we had a Jira expert on staff and helped us out with that part.

Setting up the FetchURL blocks in the scenario, that part was fairly easy.

@Maverick_Hunters : Could you highlight the configuration/share doco/ or scenario configs to get this done. I can see this as a great use for us to use internally as well as for our customers.

@Jovi Yeah for sure. I mean I cannot share our scenario as it contains user/pass and whatnot, but there is a whole documentation guide to their REST API.

You’ll probably wanna install Postman or another API tester to figure it out. I’ll guess that the exact API structure will vary depending on versions and clusters and whatnot.