Direct chat link

We have had several customers ask if there is a way to have a URL that bypasses the chat button and goes directly to the chat (or pre-chat form). The most recent use case is that the customer wants to include a chat link in emails. If that link goes to a page with the button, the user experience is a little awkward as they need to realize there is an additional button to click, locate it on the page, etc.

By design, no. However there is a workaround, but you’ll need to hard code it to the webpage.

Add this JS to the snippet, above the closing tag:

// auto-click the chat tab
document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, function(event) {
setTimeout(function(){ document.getElementById(‘sp-chat-label-text’).click();}, 1000);

this autoclicks the tab in 1 sec after page is loaded, you can play with the timeout