Chat-widget-configuration-guide/ContactTab - Icon and custom colors

Hi Team,
Two questions on customizing the Contact Tab.

  1. Is there an easy way to add custom colors, not on the color palette? I tried to just type in a hex color in the highlight color field (ex: #9f094b) but it gave an invalid code error.
  2. The Icon is not showing up for me on the Contact tab. I have a valid img url in the Icon URL field. The Contact tab appears to have a space where the images should appear. Any troubleshooting tricks? The icon shows up fine on the pre-chat window.

Here is the information I am referencing:
Icon URL:** The Icon URL is the web address of your company icon or logo. In the Icon URL field, enter the desired icon’s URL to see it shown on the left side of the Contact tab.


Hi ahedblum -

Regarding #1, have you tried using all caps for the letters of the hex code and not adding the # to the code?

Regarding #2, did you already try clearing our your web browser cache? This might be something out Customer Support Success team can handle. If you need to, please open a case with our support team and they would be happy to assist.

Thank you,

All caps without # works great! thanks! (ex: 9F094B)
I will reach out to CS about the images.

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