Can we set a priority on records in the dialer?

A net new client is asking if it is possible to prioritize a record in the campaign list before other else.
The signal to prioritize a record is when a Priority column says “Yes”

Is this possible on current dialer configuration?

You may prioritize list records by setting a field to type “Priority” - Full list field type description is found here

Excerpt below:


Priority can be used to indicate that the record shall be attempted as soon as possible relative to other records within the same list. This can be useful, for example, in order to give calling priority to the most recent web leads that tend to be most effective when followed up on immediately. A record will be treated as a prioritized record when its priority field is set to any value other than empty string, zero, “no”, or “false”. The priority setting only affects the first attempt to dial the record; for any possible subsequent attempts the prioritized record will be treated as a regular record. Priority of records can also be set to expire after a specified time period (see property Priority expires after ).