Lopping through $(item.transcript.JSON)

If I have set the output of $(item.transcript.JSON) to a vairable, is there a way to loop through the json object?

do you mean looping over the properties ? or the array inside the object ?

$(item.transcript.JSON) returns an array with JSON objects, I would like to loop through each object in that array.

this object wasn’t obtained via fetchURL, and the JSON contained is basically text.
We most likely need a feature request for it. What is the complete use case for this ?

One workaround might be to make a simple web service somewhere which can basically get this JSON and return it back :). So it can be fetched using FetchURL block. And after that you can use GetNext to iterate over it

Currently we making use of the web service however would like to go away from this as it introduces some delays.
Can’t a scenario function be created which converts string to JSON

Please file a PER via support.brightpattern.com, this is a good one.